Intuitive life coaching and awareness training

On your path to yourself
Your soul is currently at its most advanced and beautiful state – and in this body of yours that it has chosen. This current state may not be to your liking in any real aspect of your life. you are looking for change, desire transformation?

„All transformation begins within us ” (Dalai Lama)

You engage, I open the door and guide you. I am the catalyst, the mediator, the awareness coach for your transformation.

The dignity of our lives implies to use our awareness.

I will guide you on your path to awareness towards empowerment and self realization.

This includes simultaneously healing and creative doing while you overwrite old sentiments with new vibration, emotions and experiences. you and your environment does change in equal parts.

The method is easy and once practiced applicable to all circumstances and eventually performed by yourself.

Spontaneous healing and transformation may happen. it may also show surprises issues along the way that appear stagnant and hideous and that require smaller steps in the process.

In your transformation small steps may indeed be big steps.

And you are the only one that can take those steps. therefore, be kind and generous with yourself.

„The middle of life is love” (Dalai Lama)