Coping with grieve and contact with the other side

When a loved one dies the surviving ones often suffer a deep loss. This loss compares to nothing else in the world. Specially the ones that were close to the deceased may fall into a deep hole out of which they may not ascend for month. The loss of a loved one may sometimes lead to the inability of the surviving ones to embrace life. In some cases remaining ones will loose the reason for living. They may not understand why somebody or something was taken early and end up blaming themselves.

I am not going to prove to you that there is life after death. That has been proven and/or experienced by some of you anyway.

It seems much more important to me to understand what significance the actual moment in time of the death of a loved one in your life is. To understand why this person or animal has left (nachtoderfahrung ? Or with the help of a clairvoyant).To experience the deceased in his or her true nature or even meet the dead one and deal with issues unsolved.

I will gladly establish a channel to the deceased one. I will also guide you through the process that follows a certain method by which you may create a healing soul to soul connection, regardless of the deceased being a lost baby, toddler, teenager, adolescent, adult or elderly. Even animals.

That way unspoken issues may be addressed and unfelt emotions expressed. That way the surviving ones may experience inner peace and healing that lets them continue their path in life with joy.