YOU, the most important person in your life

Workshop with Kerstin and Beate

Munich, march 12th, 2017
Berlin, april 1-2nd, 2017

Time for yourself
We invite you to become aware of your body’s inherent wisdom and awareness. To become creative and playfully self empowered.

What to expect
Become self empowered, assuming that you are at the highest point of self realization in the here and now.

One day it was more risky to remain a bloom then to flower. (Anais Nin)

You will learn a simple and easy practice to resolve issues that stand in your way using your awareness. With this exercise you create the possibility of healing and transformation for yourself. Once practiced you may apply this technique any time and place in your life. It has enabled many people to soulfully evolve in many areas of their livesI.

Are you ready to take care of yourself?
You will be supported in the process by the power of the circle. Kerstin and beat will open space for you. Their team collaboration is full of love, spontaneity and lightness.

Kerstin Rossbander
Intuitive life coaching, awareness coach, artist, lives on lake chiemsee and works internationally. Has been supporting people in their transformation for 15 years now.

Dr. Beate Maul
M.d. and self-healing coach, lives in Essen, by founding the ‘center for femininity e.v.’ she created the foundation for the awakening and healing of female aspects in life.

We are looking forward to seeing you!
Beate and Kerstin

Outside the workshop we are available for one on one sessions upon request.

I would like to introduce my friend and colleague of 12 years, Dr. Beate Maul to my fellow colleagues, clients and friends.

Dr. Beate Maul has been an m.d. for 30 years. After a transformative experience of unity in 2004 she found her ability to awaken self healing in others through consciousness.

With her sharp mind the connects the wisdom of modern scientific medicine, natural and Chinese medicine.

She uses her fine tuned ability to understand or feel people intuitively and her 30 year old experience in the medical world with great excellency and creativity in her sessions. ‘There is nothing more beautiful then watching somebody coming to full bloom when he or she starts trusting him or herself again’, says Beate.

Workshop fees:
Munich 145€
Club members 120€

Berlin 280€
Club members 240€

Dates and times
Munich: 10am – 6:00pm, march 12th, 2017

Berlin: 10am – 6:00pm, april 1st, 2017
10am – 4:30pm, april 2nd, 2017

Munich:Anamshala, Karl-Theodor-Str. 48, 80303 München

Berlin:Yogaschule, Krumme Str. 61, 10627 Berlin

Sign up and more information:

Kerstin Rossbander
0151 15515560
08051 9615732

Dr. Beate Maul
0170 9655705