Phenomenal the way Kerstin works…compassionate and loving yet straight to the point…one of a kind!

Silvia R.

I spent time more then once with kerstin and we have met in person at her studio, and also via skype. her clear wording always prepared me of what was to follow and I felt always well taken care off. At the end of our sessions I was always able to find closure and continue on with my daily life.

Rainer U.

Kerstin helped me change my relationship to my father quite significantly. I tried to do that many times over in years prior but never di I get where I am now. In only one session I was not only able to meet my by now deceased father but also have a meaningful exchange with him. Now I look and perceive of my father in a very different way and all that just by using a simple method…unbelievable!

F. L.

Also, I have been able to stop smoking for good with her help. Eight month and counting! I tried several times in the past to deal with that thirty year long addiction of mine…but without any lasting success! Only now, by working mindfully and fully aware with Kerstin was I able to break the habit.


Same thing happened again in this context. It appears that on a subconscious level I was able to manifest change and let that transpire into my conscious mind and awareness…ingenious and very simple indeed. Both times I overwrote being the victim and empowered myself…,and it feels great!

Bianca F.

There is no doubt in my mind that I would tackle any issue or trauma I have with her help…and I will just do that when the time is right! Thank you very much for your help, I truly appreciate it!

Frau Esther G.