Inner abundance

In the outer world we gather material goods. Stuff we want, stuff we believe we need and indeed, stuff makes us happy in the short run. However, that feeling of satisfaction does not last very long.

Regardless of whether we gain material wealth or just desire such…non of us will ever be happy or satisfied by that kind of abundance.

In the middle of our life we all get to the point at which we understand that we have been looking for something in the outer world that we do never seem to find.

The inner abundance however fulfills the soul, helps us connect with other souls and generates a truly warm and taken care off feeling. There are different areas in which that inner abundance may show its positive effects.

Inner abundance is above all alive here and everywhere, neither static nor connected to material goods.

The awareness of inner abundance is healing and liberating. it opens creativity and creates joy of life. this inner abundance also mirrors the way how much we love ourselves. this love is a source of our power at all times. This love assures us in times of despair, angst and other mine fields we seam to navigate: this love of self keeps us undeterred, no matter what.

My intention while coaching you is to share this sense of inner abundance with you. i walk with you along your path and share a method by which you get to know, enhance and use your inner abundance.