Intuitive coaching

All our thoughts, deeds and words are stored in energy fields within the spiritual realm. As an intuitive I have access to that information. my own higher self connects with these energy fields during our session and thus, i gain insights about your body and soul. I see and read your energy fields and find out about your weakness, patterns, blockages and worries and their reasons as well as your potential and gift.

The invisible becomes visible.

Areas include but are not limited to:

  • family, partnership and relations
  • health
  • personal growth
  • profession and calling
  • companies and human relations
  • contact with the deceased
  • animals

That information will help you better understand real situations within the context of cause and effect and to actually own those. You will learn to recognize inner and outer variables that make up your current state of being and use them to enhance your experience.

I will lead you in your journey of awareness, healing and transformation…guided by the spiritual world. I support you by providing hints along the path based on true awareness and spiritual healing.

My coaching sessions are easy to follow and transparent so that you may continue the work we started together on your own. Sessions are held in my studio, over the phone or via skype. Upon request you will receive a recording of our conversation on cd or digital media.